Brianza Design Exhibition | Dining room

Brianza Design, project related to the tradition and the protection of the Brianza’s handcraft (Milan and Como area), promotes the promotes the 1st Brianza Design Exhibition for the design of an element of the dining room: a table or a sideboard or a cabinet (together with the table it is possible to present the project of a chair).

For the wooden products the following materials should be used: multilayer, blockboard, not chipboard nor particle board, and only wood from reforestation. The drawers should be made with a dove-tail joint structure. Only natural oil finish or water based varnish.

For the lacquered products it is possible to use medium density panels.

The craftsmanship company in order to take part to the Competition must have the headquarter in any of the Municipality of Brianza.

There are two classes of competition for the designers who wish to enroll

Class 1: Under 26 (26 years not yet had within 27th June 2014 and already 18 years old)

- Students, architects, designers with degree or coming from  Architectural University, Design, Schools or Design Institute and “Accademia delle Belle Arti”

Class 2: Over 26 (26 years yet had from 27th June 2014)

- Students, architects, designers with a degree by Architectural University, Design, Schools or Design Institute and “Accademia delle Belle Arti” as of for Class 1

For any of the above class it is authorized a participation as a group, in this specific  case all the attendees will nominate a group leader with given declaration, signed by each attendee to be attached to the Competition form. The group leader will be responsible at all effects towards the organization of the Competition and the only legitimate to collect any eventual prize.

Each attendee could present one and a unique project. For whom will take part as a group it will be possible to present also an individual project. It will not be possible for an attendee to present two or more projects or that one group will present two or more projects.

Download Competition announcement